Dedicated to Quality

The Glacier Group is an extremely focused, high level executive recruiting firm devoted to building sales, support, engineering and executive/leadership teams for clients in the Information Technology sectors of data storage, virtualization, cloud, data communications, managed hosting/services, and security.

With decades of combined recruiting experience, The Glacier Group has successfully placed thousands of professionals in the aforementioned sectors across North America.

Our ability to provide selectively screened high level qualified candidates versus volumes of resumes/candidates is what separates us from our competition. At The Glacier Group we understand that a company's most valuable asset is it's people and therefore we commit ourselves to listening to our clients needs. By attracting the most qualified individuals, our clients continue to succeed in our ever changing environment. We have assisted thousands of seasoned professionals with career change and/or finding better employment satisfaction.

Ready to Work

"I've relied heavily on the Glacier Group to provide recruiting leadership during critical hiring periods. They quickly understood our culture/requirements and relentlessly pursued the most talented passive candidates in our industry. Countless sales professionals and half of my senior directors were sourced through the Glacier Group."

Bryan Chong

Vice President – West
Internap Network Services, Corp.

"Glacier Group is our go to source for recruitment of Sales/ Leadership professionals. They understand our needs and strive to bring us the best talent. They are the Best recruiting Source we have here at for Sales professionals."

Jonathan Erwin

General Manager, Central U.S.

"Having more than 20 years of experience in using recruiters in the high tech field, it is rare to come across someone like Jeff. The key to Jeff's success with me as been the time spent to understand my needs, my requirements and my budget. Time after time Jeff delivered quality candidates that matched my geographic needs, experience needs, budget needs and most importantly orchestrated all the planning of calls and meetings saving me countless hours of scheduling time and at the end of the day help turn a search into a revenue producing body."

Bill Simpson

Vice-President World-Wide Sales

"Over the past six years and at 3 companies, Glacier Group has been an excellent source for sales and pre-sales engineers. By reviewing the requirements of my/our open job reqs with Glacier Group, I have been able to scale my sales force quickly and while bringing some of my competitors' top employees on board. In one particular quarter Glacier Group helped me double my field sales force!

Glacier Group has shown itself to be a professional, ethical, effective and active partner assisting my efforts to rapidly scale the business."

Richard Shea

Vice-President World-Wide Sales

"I have worked with Jeff Hopkins as the Director of World Wide Systems Engineering at two different organizations (EQUALLOGIC and now EXAGRID) and have hired well over 25 pre/post sales engineers through his firm (Glacier Group) over that period of time. Jeff has been an excellent partner to assist me in recruiting seasoned candidates across North America. By reviewing the requirements of my open positions with Jeff and Glacier Group, I have been able to fill vacancies quickly and bring some of my competitors' top employees on board. Jeff always operates with integrity, and is the hardest working recruiter I have known. He does an excellent job of screening candidates, and only presenting me with qualified individuals to interview, thus saving me time and effort. He is the first recruiter that I call whenever I have an urgent need to fill on my team, and would strongly recommend him. I will continue to partner with Jeff Hopkins as we expand and would highly recommend him, and his firm, to any company who wants the best."

Warren Arnold

Director, World-Wide System Engineering

"I've worked with a number of storage-focused recruiters over the years, and most of them have disappointed me. Some are overly aggressive and focused only on their bottom line, as opposed to finding the right candidate to fit my organization. Others simply toss dozens of marginally screened resumes my way and want me to do their job for them. Jeff lives in the rare middle ground between those extremes. He always takes the time to understand the type of person I am looking for and the required qualifications, screens candidates very selectively, and his team even does the administrative work of scheduling telephone and in-person interviews. Jeff knows the industry and takes each placement personally, and the results speak for themselves. Some of my absolute top performers have come to me by way of Jeff and Glacier Group."

Dan Duperron

Area Pre-Sales Engineering Manager
NY, NJ & Mid-Atlantic

"I consider Glacier Group as my true partner for hiring top Sales and Leadership talent. They have been a true extension of our recruiting efforts. They understand our needs, our domain expertise and I feel comfortable with them representing our brand."

Danielle Kieschnick

Executive Leadership Talent Aquisiton

"Glacier Group has always been very responsive to identifying right talent for SAVVIS. We've had some key successes in the past year thanks for Glacier Group's quick response and extensive network."

Alysa McLaughlin

Sr Recruiter
Savvis Talent Acquisition

"Over 7 years and at 2 different storage companies, Jeff has played a large part in my ability to recruit world-class sales and presales engineers. He has done an excellent job of identifying the exact profile I look for in these positions and has been instrumental in getting them to commit to the companies I've led as SVP WW Sales. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Jeff and his team at Glacier Group based on my first-hand experience with his ability to procure top shelf talent."

Steve Querner

Vice-President World-Wide Sales

"In an unstable telecommunication market with lots of staff turnover across the industry it has become difficult to sift through the countless applicants to find the right talent required to move our business forward. The Glacier Group has been one of the few agencies I have come across who consistently provide high caliber individuals who fit the job specifications we put out when we hire new staff. They are a true asset and extension of my staff."

Andrew Morawski

President and CEO Telstra Incorporated is the USA division of Telstra Corporation's Global Business Division

"For the past 3 years, Jeff Hopkins and Glacier Group have been an excellent asset in helping me find seasoned, hyper-successful, and extremely polished sales representatives and pre-sales systems engineers. I have had a tremendous amount of ease strictly relying on Jeff's keen ability to bring me multiple candidates that fit my somewhat stringent requirements. Jeff has proven time and time again that I can rely on him to find me what I seek in an UBER sales person for my headcount openings.

I would definitely recommend Jeff and Glacier Group to any company seeking the best in a seasoned recruiting/staffing partner as he continually exceeds my expectations from all aspects and angles of the recruiting business."

Chris Lehman

AVP Sales West


I have used a lot of recruiters over the past 20 years as VP of Sales trying to find the best sales talent possible. Jeff Hopkins of the Glacier Group has done an outstanding job of understanding the needs and requirements of the positions and finding outstanding candidates to fill them. With more work to get done than time allows the key to success is not wasting time on candidates that are not qualified. When Jeff provides me a candidate they are well qualified, all the information I need beyond the resume is provided and appointments are set and tracked. Jeff ensures that everything is aligned and coordinated to ensure a successful interview. With the success I have now experienced with Jeff and the Glacier Group I use them exclusively for all my hiring requirements. I have no hesitation at all in recommending the Glacier Group for any company seeking to hire the best talented sales people possible without spending more time than necessary in the process.


Alan Hahn

VP Worldwide Sales- Scale Computing